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"Always Moving Never Stopping"



Add it up | All the times you’ve had enough | Waterworks and endless, sleepless nights
Hold it back | When the time comes to attack | You’ll be ready
They’ll say “you were right”
And they’ll be coming back to see | Everything that I’ve seen
They’re gonna get it. Got it? Go!
‘Cause you’re gonna show that you’re gonna go | All the way, all the way
You’ve gotta take it if you wanna make it | All the way, all the way
You want it, you need it | You won’t be defeated | No, you won’t
Can’t you see it’s in motion? | Offer blood and devotion | Scars will heal in time
Smashing glass just to get past a cardiac | The harder that they come
The harder they will be falling down | Crawling back to see | Down on shattered knee
They’re gonna get it. Got it? Go! | All your life | They cut you down to size
Everything in time…
And what goes around | Always comes around


No one’s taking my heart away | No one’s taking the place of you
Even though I am miles away | You should know that I’m always true
Count the days ‘til I reach the end | Week by week in a satellite
And until I am back again | All I need is to close my eyes
And I run | Run back to you | Yeah and I run
Run back to the one I love
This is the way I spent the day | Uh-huh | Did you, too?
Running back to you | And when I dream | I only see us
Do you too? | Running back to you
I wish that I could go back in time | To the city that’s always cold
Time to leave but we stayed inside | Moving as though our bones were old
Trapped in ice in an avalanche | Here it comes, the pulse pounds and I’m ready to go
Mind fills up and it races fast | But it’s erased the moment you close your eyes
You’ll say | “Is it really you or am I dreaming?” | You’re not dreaming
Meet me in the dreamworld tonight


In this hotel | Television’s on | Sound is down | And everybody’s gone
Just you and me | And I wish I could be | Far away | In another scene
If only...
Starry-eyed kid | Look at what you did | You drank too much
And you never could resist | Give a weak smile | Lying on the tile
And I count up all the times I’ve | Died | I’m losing the sparkle in my | Eye
I just wanna say
Stay with me | I will bring it back to you | Bring me everything | Get me on track
I will bring it back to you
Comin’ up fast | Faster than I can | It is work | In need of a plan | If I move slow
The moon’ll let me go | I know, yeah, I know
Try as I might I cannot | Find | Someone to say
I’m done the run-through | I will bring it back | To you
I | Feel like I’m running out of time | Won’t someone say
An American girl | Looking at the world | The way that I do | You’re just like me
Stay with me | I will bring it back to you


How’d we end up alone? | You’ve got someone at home | The one you’ll love ‘til you die
So do I | Don’t forget me | It’s so easy to fall | And think of nothing at all
Staying strong is a fight | Though I try
Don’t forget me | Don’t forget what we could’ve had
Stand my ground | Though I wanna stay with you tonight | I’d sit back down
If you’d come around at other times | I promise now
That I won’t forget the best thing I’ve never had
We could sneak underground | Speak, but don’t make a sound | But I won’t let her down
Though you get me | Like no one gets me
All I need is a holiday | From my vocation as a saint
Hearts are beating fast; we’re the same (in every way) |
That is why I can’t come back again
Don’t forget me | You’ve got everything I need
You’ve got it but I cannot stray away | This night will always be with me
Stand my ground | I’d sit back down | I promise now
That I won’t forget the best thing I’ve never had


I’ve got time on my hands | Do you too? Oh no | So come around
I’ve run out of plans | Same as you? Oh no | So come around
We can turn the lights | Turn the lights down low | I know what you like
Won’t you just let go of | Yesterday…
I promised I was never gonna take you back | Baby, don’t believe me
I said it like I meant it but I overreacted | Baby, don’t you need me once more?
Would you rather remain | Strong as steel? Oh no | So come around
I cannot contain | The way I feel. Oh no
‘Cause I won’t back down | Don’t stop now | Look into my eyes
No, I won’t back down | Don’t stop now | Let’s spend one more night


You don’t know what you need | So come take advantage of me
I’ve been wringing my hands | For someone to give me the chance
‘Cause I’m sick of the scene and the | Same old routine that I’ve known
Now I’m taking the
Century it’s in front of me and | I am overready
I’m breaking away to another place and | I am overready
I keep kicking through life | ‘Cause it doesn’t come overnight
I won’t hit a dead end | Like I have again and again
And I welcome the enemy | Right here in front of me so
Now I’m taking the
This could be it | It could be now | Now is the time to move on
Don’t you know I | Won’t let you down | So come along
I have waited so long | Time’s been wasted too long


This is the day that I | Figure out the rest of my life
Who do I want to be? | Will I ever get to be somebody
Apart from you? | A part of you | Always gets carried around
So get all dressed down | And go and hit the town
Funny how it always works out
You’re not the only | One who is lonely | Everyone knows
We’re different speeds | With light years between | And yet it goes
On and on | So we joke around again | Could we ever really be friends?
I’ll always say I want you and | Secretly mean it
We could talk about it | But I doubt it | Would make any difference now
It would take forever | For us to stay together | Funny how it never works out
So let me go | Don’t let it go | On and on
It’s hard to know if this is for the best | But I guess we’ll find out in time
All you’ve ever wanted lies ahead


You’re thinking of ways | To get back to me| It’s all that you have and
It’s only a dream| That look in my eye| Has long ago died
I’m handing it over | To some other guy
Apologize | All that you want to | There’s too many lies | That you’re buried under
I | Tried | Don’t waste my time | You’re not the one | It’s over and done
A couple of years | Are gone overnight | I noticed a difference
It didn’t seem right | The way that you laughed | The smell of your skin
And then I showed up and | I saw you with him
Now don’t even cry | I know you want to | You wanna set right
What has been sundered | You’ve become | Nothing and no one
I’m miles away and starting today | I’ll never be
Back in the middle of | Back in the middle of how it was
Back in the middle of | It’s over and done


Marigold | It doesn’t matter what you’re told
You wanna get swept away | Violins playing | Come on kid, now
Don’t you know | It never, ever comes to those
Who want a romantic scene | From a movie | Yeah, you must be joking
Give up love and you will be alright | Look away and with luck it could come out tonight
Ebb and flow | You never know which way it goes
You give it everything you have | Then it goes bad
Yeah, it breaks your bones so
Let it go | Don’t worry what the poets wrote | And chuck away every last
Wish in the trash | Yeah, it makes no difference
You won’t get what want | When you really want it | So forget what you want
And you just might get it | And you’ll get it


One time in this sordid life | I had it all but let it go
Backtrack; I need the facts of why | You’re better off out on your own
Waste your time | Better yours than mine | Should I draw the line?
Should I give my heart away? | My unlucky streak | It’s Is catching up with me
You’re the one that got away
One day, you’ll be back and you will say | Nobody compares to you
I countdown even though I know now | I’ll always be chasing you
Two times I’ve looked deep inside | And my body wants to go
Soundtrack brings me back to life | A summer Sunday afterglow
We left it incomplete | A break that wasn’t clean
I can’t watch it fade away | When was I strong? | I can’t go on
Each day is longer than the one before | Don’t shoot me down
Don’t let me drown | This is the sound of | Someone wanting more
Each day | Whoa! | Don’t shoot me down


Put your pain aside | It’s not the end of time | From where I’m standing
Come outside | Before you come undone | We’ll take a drive
So you can breathe
The west coast wind tonight | Whispers under the starlight
Tomorrow’s a new day | You’ve beat this before
And you can once more | ‘Cause you’re not stranded
Kiss goodbye | The shadow you’re under | And take some time
To get free
Before the morning breaks | We’ll make a quick getaway
The pressure’s been pushing down on you | Your mind can’t make up what to do
It has been tugging at your sleeve | When all that you need
Is to be calm | When you feel it coming on


Won’t you go to sleep now? | You’re buzzing like a bumblebee
I know it’s been a bad day | You don’t have to shout at me
Over and over it won’t do any good | Baby, don’t be such a baby
You know I’m on your side so just slow down
Baby, don’t be such a baby

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